Our Top 5 best Play-To-Earn Game picks that broke $1 ATH and can break new ATH this 2022 in BNB Chain!

ATH or All-Time High is the true testament that a Play-to-Earn (P2E) game and/or project can deliver, a lot of game developers nowadays promise lucrative earnings and/or rewards but failed to deliver on this aspect big time, without further ado, please see our Top 5 picks in P2E games using BNB Chain, these games broke $1 ATH and we believe they can break new ATH this 2022 once it recovers from a bear market*!

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency in general, is volatile, and doing your research is important. 

*A bear market is when a market experiences prolonged price declines. It typically describes a condition in which securities prices fall 20% or more from recent highs amid widespread pessimism and negative investor sentiment.

CryptoGodz (Godz Rising)

$GODZ ATH: $9.91 - CrytoGodz now rebranded to Godz Rising is a new player in the game industry, but backed by a very strong marketing guru Nick Peroni from Ecom Empires. The game is about to be relaunched with better gameplay and a sustainable economy, if you would like to learn more about CryptoGodz and their relaunch, you may refer to this link. Also, they are planning to release a MOBA and RPG game in the future expanding the use case of $GODZ as the main token in their metaverse.

Bomb Crypto

BCOIN ATH: $8.77 - Bomb Crypto is currently the #1 game in BNB Chain with more than 700k+ players, SENSPARK the game developer is a veteran in developing mobile games and they never stop innovating and creating new features in-game to combat deflation, FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) of players/investors, and they are always finding ways to balance the game from the latest nerf and nerf reduction by letting players re-invest in the game.


$FARA ATH: $6.14 - The majority of the P2E games are either card games or click-to-earn, but Faraland breaks the norms and created a real classic, fun, engaging, and turn-based tactical PVP role-playing mobile game.

The game is still a work in progress but the direction of the development is very strong and ambitious, one of the short term goals is to launch the game as free-to-play and if the player wants to earn, they can switch to play-to-earn by acquiring an NFT, and this is where it gets very interesting as there are only 20,000 Heroes in the game (as of this writing). Playing Faraland reminds us here in Memetaverse of a classic Final Fantasy game and if they can play this right, Faraland can easily hit the top 100 games on mobile soon, We also created a quick introduction of Faraland from this post.

Step Hero RPG

$HERO ATH: $3.14 - Step Hero started very strong last year, but the game developer had a bit of a hiccup in launching the Step Hero RPG game, and they branch out from an idle RPG game to a shooting game called GunFire Hero (a free-to-play P2E game).

This move was also done during the hype of Metaverse, hence it was very timely for Step Hero and they rebranded from Step Hero to Step Hero Multiverse, GunFire Hero and Step Hero is just the beginning of their Multiverse saga and there will be more interesting games to be released under their umbrella in the future, which means more use case for $HERO! Step Hero (idle RPG) is a solid game and will definitely hit a home run soon despite the market condition. If you are curious about the game, kindly check our quick review here.

Omni Legends

$OCA$H ATH: $2.79 - We created a quick guide about Omni Legends from this post. Omni Legends is the first game of oneomniverse.com and like Step Hero Multiverse, they are also planning different projects using $OCA$H as the primary token, recently they're also working with other developers and using One Omniverse as a launchpad for these projects.

Based on how these games are progressing, and still growing despite the bear market, it's just a matter of time for these projects to break $1 and hit new ATH this 2022. If you are already onboard in BNB Chain, these games should be under your radar 👍

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