What is Omni Legends? A very promising anime-themed Play-to-Earn game in Binance Chain!

Omni Legends is an NFT Gacha System of adorable familiar anime faces that you can collect!

There are tons of Play-to-Earn games released this year, and most of the time, it is almost the same, promising lucrative rewards, a detailed roadmap that they can't deliver, etc., and as we look for a new gem with potential growth that can explode in the Binance Chain 1000x, we bump to Omni Legends!

What's Omni Legends? Omni Legends is a new play-to-earn game that started late last year and the first game of oneomniverse.com, a multimedia platform using blockchain technology with OCA$H as their primary token. The game incorporates NFT and is heavily inspired by the trending Anime from One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, and probably more as they introduce new episodes in the game. One Omniverse is still fresh in the space, but they already have many excellent partners (recently partnered with robocock.io). If they can successfully create a multiverse with multiple games and projects using the same cryptocurrency, OCA$H can easily reach the top 200 in market capitalization anytime.

Many P2E games deployed last year have less than a dollar all-time-high (ATH), and for a game to reach more than $2+ during product launch shows that it can go further once the market recovers.

NOTE: This is not financial advice, and always do your own research.

This post is not a review nor a guide but a quick introduction to the game. As anime fans ourselves, we can't miss this game. It involves an NFT Gacha System that you can collect, train, and battle among other players. What we like about the game is the early introduction of a burning mechanism to keep the economy stable and a minimum floor price in its marketplace to avoid devaluing rare NFTs.

Every time your character level up, it consumes a shard, an in-game item you can buy using OCA$H, or you may farm in the game. They are also planning to implement equipment and other burning mechanisms in the future to ensure the game survives and grows. We would like to note that it's exciting to see once your NFT level up from the 20s, 30s, and 40s as they change to a new design! If you are a Naruto fan, it is like an upgrade from Genin > Chunin > Jounin!

PVP with our Noob Team

Fighting the last boss in Episode 3 (Normal)

Our Noob Team in PVE

The game is already at Episode 3, and they are slowly adjusting the rewards to ensure a sustainable, stable economy. Definitely, we can't ask for more. Although the OCA$H value is slightly lower due to a bear market, we're still happy to see that the game developer keeps building and introducing new episodes. As the market slowly recovers, Omni Legends will definitely fly as well.

We're also excited to see what other games and projects they will be releasing using OCA$H so it will have more use cases in the future (before we forget, you can also stake your OCA$H to have a passive income if you're not into gaming).

If you're interested in starting your journey in Omni Legends, check them out at https://omnilegends.oneomniverse.com/.

Also, we made a quick guide on how to maximize your earnings in Omni Legends from this post. Cheers!

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