Top tips to maximize your earnings in Omni Legends!

Omni Legends is a new play-to-earn game that started late last year and the first game of, a multimedia platform using blockchain technology with OCA$H as their main token, the game incorporates NFT and is heavily inspired by the trending Anime from One Piece, Naruto, and probably more as they introduce new episodes and features in the game!  Learn more about the game from here;

I started playing Omni Legends by instinct with 1 Legend (or NFT character) only and it was not sustainable, every upgrade and/or when your Legend level up requires Shard, an in-game item, which cost around 2 $OCASH, hence the best solution is to have at least 2 Legends as a start, here are our quick tips to maximize your earnings in Omni Legends!

  • YOU NEED AT LEAST TWO LEGENDS TO MAKE THE GAME PROFITABLE - The strategy here is to have one legend to farm shard, while the other legend is farming $OCASH, rarity won't matter, but a better rarity can definitely make your game experience a lot better than the ones using Common rarity.
  • DON'T MAX OUT YOUR LEGENDS IF YOUR GOAL IS TO FARM $OCASH AND ROI ASAP - I learned the hard way and upgraded my Legend right away (got too excited), and only to find out that if your win rate is more than 100% the rewards are half! (this is a smart move to control the rewards and economy, kudos to devs!), but it is too late for us 😂, hence it is best to maintain at least a 95% win rate to ensure you are still getting the best reward in the game (if the goal is to farm and not PVP, which we will cover later)  This doesn't matter anymore with the release of Episode 3, the higher the level of your NFT, the better the rewards!

You may use the table below as a guide in farming $OCASH and credits go to Omni Legends Philippine's Telegram for the table

  • SET YOUR ALARM CLOCK AND ALWAYS DRAIN THE ENERGY TO AVOID WASTAGE - Energy regenerates every 10 minutes by default, e.g., if you have a total of 70 Energy, you need to play at least every 12 hours to ensure you use every energy of your Legend/s
  • JOIN PVP - WORLD BOSS DOMINATION! You will need at least 3x Legends to join and $20 OCA$H to register as of this writing, playing PVP lets you earn Shard and OCA$H at the same time, it's also the best avenue to test your Legends against other players! So far, the reward is great and the PVP is very competitive
  • JOIN THEIR AWESOME FRIENDLY COMMUNITY IN TELEGRAM - IF you're a Filipino, The Philippines' Community is also very welcoming and friendly, lots provide their insights and help out anyone, it won't matter if you are new or old in the game, you can join their Telegram Group from this link;
Quick pros and cons to wrap up our guide; The game has a very supportive and engaging community, devs are also very open to feedback, but we hope they'll push the project more and market the game aggressively. If we have one concern in the game is probably there are a lot of scholars who are not re-investing their earnings, we hope the game will have more burning mechanisms in the future and hopefully, the scholars will start re-investing to get their own legends in the game!

We hope this will help you with your journey in Omni Legends and as always, do your research if you're new in the NFT game and keep rocking and be a legend!

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