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This blog used to be the UNOFFICIAL Binemon Blog (Binemon.net)

A quick history:
 We played Axie Infinity in early 2021 and bump into Binemon as we're looking for the next play-to-earn game that can deliver sustainable income, we believe Binemon is a great step for early adopters as it has interesting game mechanics and burning mechanism, however during this year, it was also the year that NFT exploded and thousands of developers are shifting from traditional to NFT gaming, hence we diversified and focus in the most profitable play-to-earn games for average players and investors, ultimately our goal is to help everyone who is into gaming and wants to earn passive or better income (especially in the 3rd world country!),  this can be done by sharing play-to-earn games that we invested and played ourselves, and we are looking at GameFi that are profitable, fun, and sustainable! However, doing your own research is strongly advised, even we at Memetaverse experienced rug pull and there's no guarantee in Cryptocurrency as its price is volatile, please take your time to review our disclaimer for your reference.

As we got immersed and still learning every day about Crypto and the Blockchain, we also invested and got interested in Meme Coins, it was not really difficult for us to shift and invest in other cryptocurrencies as we used to mine Bitcoin around 2013 in our gaming computers, we also tried raspberry pi mining just for fun and experiment, we also mined Monero around 2014 and learn about mining pool, which gave us a lot of profit back then, anyways long story short, as a gamer from Atari to PlayStation, we are happy with the development of Play-To-Earn games and the lucrative returns that Meme coin can offer, hence we rebranded to Memetaverse (Meme + Metaverse)!

Your One-Stop blog for quality #PlayToEarn #GameFi #NFTGames! We test, review, HODL and play the game ourselves, sharing what we know best; Video Games 🎮

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Binemon.net and Memetaverse.net are completely INDEPENDENT and UNOFFICIAL websites dedicated to Play-to-Earn NFT Games.