Step Hero is finally stepping up and back on track!

After months of waiting, Step Hero is finally live with its first season in PVP! Expect lots of bugs as it's still in beta, but so far they nailed it, with gorgeous art design, competitive and balanced gameplay; from class formation, elements, level, and equipment, indeed getting a Legendary and Mythical rarity will make it easier, but by far the balance is superb and my team of 4x Rare and 1x Super Rare was able to fight against a team with Legendary, I hope they will continue to balance the game as it progress and give everyone a fighting chance! PVE is also a great way to earn $STEP and farm equipment which gives everyone leverage besides investing in a higher rarity class.

My current rank, I hope I can make it to the top 50 before the end of Season

While the game is great, I've encountered some bugs in the game and marketplace (but they are quick in implementing bug fixes, except the NFT withdrawal issue, but they promise a fix this week as of this writing), so far the game runs smoothly, and hoping they'll release a mobile version soon!

As for cons, probably the only concern that I have is the withdrawal, just like Gunfire Hero (a free play-to-earn game from Step Hero Multiverse) the withdrawal is very limited (twice per week in an hour interval), but limiting it creates demand and controls the economy itself, however, it would be nice if they run it for a day instead of an hour, on the plus side, they have a great customer service that cares and helps the community, constant community engagement and AMA, just be careful though, as lots of scammers are taking advantage of this, just take note that no Moderators or Support will direct message (DM) you, however, if you need help or anything, join their Discord and you should get an answer to your concerns.

We're excited about how Step Hero will progress, they made crazy sales during the 1st Mystery Chest and I think things are just about to get exciting!

Step Hero just started and while the crypto market is starting to revive, this is the best time to get your hero while it is still cheap! $HERO also achieves an all-time high (ATH) of $3.14 and hopefully with the game finally in action, we can break ATH soon! Also, they have a summoning/breeding function, staking, and more! They made a lot of features that will keep the game going, it's just a matter of time for the game to really step up and be one of the best play-to-earn games in the market! We also hope they'll keep balancing the rewards across all levels! If you are also playing Step Hero, feel free to comment and share your thoughts, we are also studying and testing what's the best META (most effective tactics available) team in the game, so far just like any RPG; its best to have a tank and a class that can nuke your enemy, silence and stun is also a great way to narrow the gap from higher rarity! Looking forward to the game exploding as one of the true gems in BNB Chain!

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