What is Space Crypto? Top tips to maximize your earnings in Space Crypto!

SpaceCrypto ís NFT game with the gameplay to raid the boss and join many battle tournaments for farming SPE tokens its in-game rewards. - Source: www.spacecrypto.io

We've played Space Crypto from beta and it was a fun space game with tons of potential, but we didn't consider that it will be plagued by tons of issues after the game was officially launched.


  • Great 3D battle animation
  • The game can be very repetitive and the common ship regenerates every hour, hence to maximize your earnings, you need to play every hour? 👀
  • The game requires a high-end computer/laptop to play the game, any low spec of 4GB RAM devices will usually crash the game, we're not sure if it is even playable on entry-level mobile devices, but a lot reported in Telegram that they can't launch the game or it crashes every now and then, hopefully, they can create a toggle to accommodate the rest of the players by having low, medium, and high graphic options.
  • The game developer failed to follow the roadmap and created a 70% discount per ship in the first week, but due to surge of players, they changed the reward system from 1:1 SPE to  5:1 SPE, and now 3:1 SPE as of this writing, whereas SPE is almost down from $2 to $0.02.
Despite the Cons > Pros, the game developer is trying their best to keep the game up, hence I think it's something we should consider that they are serious in this project despite the Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt (FUD) across all the board. They are also planning to launch a PVP system in the following days, but by far I think the focus should be on implementing burning mechanisms like fusion, manual repair, and increasing the use case of SPE.

Screenshot of Spaceship in Space Crypto

The game has strong potential to succeed just like its partner Bomb Crypto, however, the impulsive decision from the devs is creating a major issue for its investors and players. We're hoping the devs can focus more on the user experience, consider how and why people invested in their game in the first place, anyways despite all the hiccups in the game, is Space Crypto a game to invest in? Depending on your risk level and the type of games you are interested in, this game is still worth to invest (especially for new players as your SPE reward is 1:1 VS old players at 3:1). It's also a good time to take a little risk as the market price is currently low, hence the risk is lower, but again always do your own research.

IF you are like us, stuck in the game, or interested in this kind of genre, we would like to share our top tips to maximize your earnings, it won't matter if you are old or new as it follows the same concept as of this writing;
  • Depending on your luck, if you have lots of common ships, you might need a trusty friend to pilot or play the game for you, unless you got nothing to do, and you can farm every hour, hence setting your alarm might be a good idea (I hope they can launch QR code or scholarship program in the future if they want to stick with this crazy cooldown).
  • Start replacing ships with zero ammo at 5 to 10% as there's like a second delay in the game, it's a race between the timer of every boss fight.
  • Study the size of your fleet, if you have more than 15 ships, its best to test until which round your ships will survive (looking at Boss 10 to 15), e.g., in our case, we can fight until Boss 17, and its already futile if we continue to fight Boss 18, its best to learn when to surrender and don't let your ships die for nothing. E.g., in our case, after Boss 17, we surrender and go back to Boss 1 to continuously farm, as this is a battle of attrition.
We hope the game developer can keep the balance and make this game sustainable as it has lots of potentials to be a great space game in the play-to-earn gaming industry. We are looking forward to seeing how the game progresses in the following weeks as they're also about to release PVP and other features in the game.

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