Top tips to maximize your earnings in Bomb Crypto this 2022!

Bomb Crypto is a retro game like the classic video game Bomberman, but with a twist! Bomb Crypto let's you mine for a token called BCOIN and fight monsters by using NFT Bomb Heroes. The official website has published 12 pixelated NFT heroes with random attributes. Heroes with good performance can enhance a player's ability to search for BCOIN. - Source:

The goal of this post is to maximize your earnings in Bomb Crypto. If you've been playing for a while, you might have figured it out already, but farming BCOIN can be tedious, depending on your daily activities. Hence here are our top tips to maximize your earnings in Bomb Crypto (Treasure Hunt)!

  • IF you are playing casually and you actually have "life," it is best to ignore the rarity and focus on your heroes' stats instead. By concentrating in "Stamina" it should give you more time and control of the game, you have to understand that the recovery rate is 0.5 energy/min, and 1 Stamina = 50 Energy, if you have Heroes with 150 Energy (3 Stamina), it will recover after 5 hours. This should give you enough breathing room to grind every 5 hours VS every hour or two. We used all heroes with 2 Stamina and below for upgrade, focusing on 3+ Stamina Heroes only.
  • However, if you have lots of time or you got scholar/s who can grind for you, it's best to deploy high-rarity heroes first and let the common heroes destroy walls or the rest of the chest. Let your common heroes finish the job.
  • Be strategic, especially if there's only one chest left on the map! Let the rest of the heroes rest, and depending on the tile the chest is located, only deploy enough heroes to clear the map.
  • Play "Adventure" during your free time. It takes a lot of skills to finish the higher level boss and rushing it will waste your keys.
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We hope these quick tips and tricks will help you farm better in Bomb Crypto. If you're interested to learn more about Bomb Crypto from Senspark, Yahoo Finance made a great article about the game developer and the game itself from this link. Cheers!

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