How to earn and get your first Pegaxy for almost free or totally free! #PlaytoEarn

In the advent of play-to-earn games, Scholars and Managers are born, in a nutshell, Managers (investors) fund the in-game characters, and scholars play the game on behalf of the Managers, and they split the in-game rewards based on their agreement, e.g., 30% for Scholars, and 70% for Managers.

My first and very hard-working Pega :)

This is a great setup as most investors don't really have time to play nor gamers themselves, however, they are bullish in GameFi and in the game industry, hence they invested in the game, however, the biggest issue starting from Axie Infinity are managers that are not paying their scholars and making lots of excuses, hence Pegaxy created a system that's really a game-changer in the industry, before scholars playing the game, the managers can set up a % of rewards they would like scholars to have, and it is automatically distributed without the need of middleman or intervention from a manager, not only that, the "renting" system also gives everyone a chance to play and test the game, I got my first Pega by renting and re-investing what I earned, I've rented a Pega for a month using PGX, as I was not lucky enough in getting free rent, anyways after I got my first Pega, you can also rent another Pega for breeding purposes, and this is how I started my journey in the game :)

Is it possible to get your first Pegaxy for free (without spending money)? definitely a BIG YES! Not just by scholarship but if you are lucky enough, you can rent for free by camping the "Renting" section in the game and re-invest your earnings to get your first Pega! If you are impatient, spend a little money by using PGX (its main token) and pay the rent, just make sure you calculate the cost for it to be profitable, so far my average per day is around 335 VIS (or Vigorus, the token reward), but this is random and it takes a lot of luck --- or you can pray to the RNG* gods 🤣

*RNG or random number generator (RNG) is an algorithm that produces random numbers. In video games, these random numbers are used to determine random events, like your chance at landing a critical hit or picking up a rare item, and in this case, winning!

The renting system is very straightforward, but you need to be super fast, and with a super-high-speed internet connection to win against other players. The game is currently RNG-based, but the direction of the game is for it to be skill-based, hence investing in good stats Pega might be a good idea to future-proof your investment.

Quick bullet points to get your first Pegaxy for almost free or zero investment;
  • Join guilds (it's best to join verified guilds), there are tons of them, and get a scholarship, save your earnings until you can get your own Pega! IF you are unlucky and don't have time to get a scholarship as tons are also applying for Scholarship, you can do it our way;
  • Camp "Renting" section and rent for free, take note you can only have a maximum of 3 Pegaxy at a time (as of this writing), if you are impatient like us, you can buy PGX and rent for a fee, it is just like working as a taxi/cab and paying the operator or the owner of the cab for rent 😅 Please consider the cost of PGX, number of days you are renting it, as your experience might differ from us (our first rent for two weeks gave us an average of 335 VIS per day, there's also a bad day that we only won once or twice)
  • Re-invest your earnings, don't cash out until you can get your first Pega and start breeding! You might become a manager yourself!

Good luck! We hope to see the game grow as it is just starting its development in mobile, also for VIS to stabilize as they introduce multiple burning mechanisms in-game! 🥰

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