HODL Token is one of the best tokens in the Crypto space that can generate passive income 24/7!

HODL Token is a very straightforward token to earn passive income in the Crypto space, all you have to do is hold the token, and every three (3) days you can manually claim your rewards either in BNB or HODL Token to increase your earnings, they have amazing user-friendly dashboard and portal for you to check and claim your earnings, as a HODLer, we believe its best to take advantage of the market while it's currently down.

Lastly, there is no better time to invest in $HODL and hopefully, sooner or later it will break ATH and generate a better income for everyone by holding $HODL, please note it is still important to do your own research or diligence.

A quick background about HODL Token;

Cryptocurrency is all about creating better avenues for earning and giving the users a better way to generate higher ROI. With a similar stance, HODL Token has been launched to ensure higher returns for the users in return for a simple task, holding $HODL in their wallet. HODL Token automates the earning process by creating autonomous friction-less yield farming and liquidity generation protocol. The only requirement is that the users shall hold HODL Tokens in the wallet, and it will automatically start generating returns. Where the users are meant to hold the HODL Token, the returns will be generated in $BNB of equivalent amount.

Built for the Community Securely and Smartly

HODL Token is created to protect the users and their investment with the Anti-Whale mechanism. Whales hold unique power over the platform as they can manipulate the outcome for other users. On HODL Token, any transaction or trade with a value of more than 1% than the total supply will be rejected because they are a disruptive transfer. It will protect the users from reeling under the impact of a steep decline or increase in the value of the token.

However, there is a mechanism set for the disruptive transfers that can be executed via a dAPP. Users wanting to trade in more than 1% of the must do so via the dAPP, and the transfer fee of 1BNB will be charged.

Another system to protect the platform from unprecedented changes is zero-balance punishment. As a punishment, the users with zero balance in their wallets will collect their BNB after 50 years.

About HODL Token

HODL Token presents a new, proactive, and secure method to automate the user's earnings by providing a systemic increase in the wallet balance. The users holding $HODL will be able to generate more tokens in the form of $BNB and $HODL based on the current holdings. As a deflationary system, the token's value will gradually increase as the total supply decreases.


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