Binemon is a hidden gem with so much potential (but lose its track along the way IMO)

First, this post is intended as a wake-up call to devs, and not to instigate FUD (causing Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt), I love Binemon and I invested a lot of money and time in the game (I haven't hit ROI due to upgrade and re-investing) and even dedicated my personal time as a Community Manager in Telegram prior to the move in Twitter to help during the most difficult time, created a blog to help and get more players (, and re-branded to all of these are pro bono and I'm not getting anything in return, I made a lot of enemies and friends at the same time deterring FUD, and making sure the game survives among a couple of individuals who has high regard with the project and devs, we put our time, energy, and effort to grow the community and successfully survive a couple of waves from FUDDer, however as much as I love the game and I want to keep supporting it, it feels like the game's roadmap is getting out of track and deviating from the original plan; abandoning DRK (moving Binemon to BSC network), about to introduce new coin for ShibaMons (instead of boosting $BIN), etc.... 

I remembered the first reason I joined Binemon after Axie Infinity is because of DRK, its a gamechanger, and with the right push, it can stand on its own just like Harmony, BSC, etc., its like Axie just completed its Katana, and we already have it all along but we abandoned it, but again there's no focus on this, along the lines, there was bSocial and it was a waste of money, DRK to BIN, vice versa, I understand the intention of joining BSC, but there are tons of ways to do it like cross-chain, etc., but instead devs are gods in any NFT games, and changes are made abruptly without considering the masses and or maybe a basic SWOT analysis can help, I even start to doubt if governance token really has a power to any GameFi as its always devs who calls the shot and worst it's for their self-interest and not for the game to grow. 

As for the change of plans, its understandable that flexibility and adaptability should be part of the business for it to survive, however for a business to thrive, one should have focus and not simply follow trends (its called a trend for a reason), the game should stand on what it believes in and should always put the customer first, and in this case its players and investors, along the way the intention of Binemon is always good, but it failed to materialize with its action, we had a dream of $BIN = 1 USD, and top dogs changing it to $BIN = 10 USD, but we have to be realistic that this can't be achieved with the current # of holders, and active players, there's no way for a newbie to survive and earn a decent return, yes we keep talking about the long term, but we don't even know if that "long term" will arrive due to market conditions, etc. It's always important to reward "low tier" as they call it, I understand its difficult to balance rewards with the way the game is set up (pay to win), but we could have created different structures for low, mid, and high tier players, you just can't use the low and mid-tier players as fodder to top tiers, we had a lot of good suggestions, but lots of these are neglected if we balance the PVP from the start as fusion is a good and smart decision to burn NFTs, but this creates a hierarchy that creates a gap to a different type of players, rewards should make sense and not after 2 years of grinding.

The top guns are always patronizing the game, which is okay, but in my opinion, they should understand the ones at the bottom and should voice out to help the masses, the biggest issue in-game is the constant upgrade and it reaches the point that it won't make sense anymore as earning is no longer proportional to the investment, as a player I was competitive, got Ruby first Season, maintained gold for a couple of seasons until it reaches the point it doesn't make sense anymore. The weekly season is also not a smart decision, but anyways nobody cares. If I can voice out my suggestions for the last time, they should focus on balancing the game (there was a time the game was about strategy and all, but now it's all about who has the money to burn), PVP, rewards, and focus on making Binemon a great rewarding game, before moving to ShibaMons and not simply recycle existing players with money, create a strong community for players into ShibaMons, and launch Battlememe with play-to-earn rewards, the other way is to use Battlememe as a bait, offer it as free to play w/ play-to-earn and let the player be curious in Binemon and ShibaMons if indeed Battlememe goal is to capture battle cats market. 

I hope the game can go back to its root and start focusing on its players, work w/partner of true guilds, put focus and emphasis on making $BIN healthy, and game development working side by side w/ marketing to grow its user base. I hope to see Binemon in the top spot and truly achieve $BIN at $1 or more, but for now, I'm signing off and wish everyone the best, I would like to thank my guild and friends I've met in the game, good luck to all of us and hope we materialize the long term rewards that we’ve been fighting for - OP_Ukiya

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  1. Well explained and really tired getting a responds from Top 5 players/ Vietnam players that is out of context. Looking more likely that it's either they are stupid or an employee of Binemon/ Big Green Candle Group in Vietnam.