Beware users, be super careful when trading in their platform

I've been an avid fan of poocoin and using it for months now due to simplicity, chart, and auto slippage, also I've been recommending it to everyone who has problems with slippage, etc. however as of today, I traded a coin called $LOA from League of Ancients, and as always; manually entered the Contact Address (CA), make sure the CA is correct, and I was shocked to find out after the swap, I got a different CA for my $LOA, anyways I'm glad I burned $15 only to test, but at the end of the day, money is money, and what if I burned more than $1000? Before everyone starts to bash me (that I don't know what I'm doing), I've been trading more than 100x now in their platform and I've been super careful w/ CA, but this happened and I think it's a good thing --that it happened to one of my low trades. I hope poocoin dev can take a look and avoid this issue in the future.

This is just a warning to be super careful in trading, despite my diligence, proper CA, and all, it's not scam-proof, I would suggest following devs' recommendations like Pancake Swap only, better take the dreaded slippage, trial and error, and all to be safe than sorry later.

Is poocoin a scam? No, We don't think so (we've used it more than 100x and we're safe), but if scammers can find a loophole from trading legit CA and replacing it with scam CA, this is super worrying and its best to avoid if there's a more legit alternative like Pancake Swap. Better use poocoin for the chart, but pancakeswap for trading, again this is just a warning based on our bad experience.

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