Top 5 Best NFT Games To Play and Earn in 2021 and apparently will dominate 2022 as well!

As we're about to end the year, we've rated the best profitable game that we've played this 2021 and has a strong potential to succeed and dominate in the next couple of years, If you're looking for a potential non-fungible token (NFT) or play-to-earn game this might be it, its also a good time to invest before it hits the mainstream and it might be a bit expensive to get in, although its always not late to join crypto in general -- the only advantage of early adapter is bigger pay from where they started, but if you have to think about it, they took all the risk and stress to see where they are now, fighting uncertainty, fear, and doubt (FUD), this is not an easy task, hence getting into an established game has its pros too as it is stable and you don't have to get stress from the early stage of the development, but at the end of the day, there's no stable game, even the biggest Company shut down, yet we don't know the future, is this a new way to earn and possibly a new business? Who knows, but while it is hot and can deliver, let's dig in and take advantage of its rewards.

NOTE: This is not financial advice, and thorough research is recommended.

  • Cryptomines ( - Earning potential is high that it even puts Axie average players' profit to shame, yes the top 1000 of Axie are earning good, but to what extent you will invest to reach the top 1000? The entry is as low as USD 150 with a return-on-investment (ROI) in two weeks, Cryptomines (CM) revolutionize and popularize the game with their Oracle system and more, to learn how to get in, you may refer to our previous post about CM from this link;
  • CryptoGodz ( ) - Inspired by Defense of the Ancient (DotA) and CM, one of the fastest-growing NFT games in the market that we've witnessed so far when it comes to the growth of holders and coin's value, this game hasn't even launched yet as of this writing, but the support is very strong that it beats a lot of games running for months now. The game is almost like CM as posted in our previous post (, but with a MOBA-like game on its Phase 3, the game is still on Phase 1 with strong community support and we expect that this game will deliver beyond imagination.
  • Bomb Crypto ( - A simple retro idle game inspired by Bomberman. The only downside is it is a bit tedious to tend the heroes (roughly every 2 hours), but it's worth it. We've created an article on how to start and earn from this game; As of this writing, the coin grew from $1 to $7 (when we joined in), and so far its only weakness is the number of players overloading the server, we hope they 10x the server capacity soon as this game doesn't stop growing and keeps breaking new record every week.
  • Binemon ( - Inspired by Axie and on a race for the #1 Metaverse in gaming, this game developer has multiple games under its umbrella; Binemon, Shibamons, and BattleMon (under development) with cross-platform to use your NFT from their platforms. In addition, with hundreds of games ending in "Mon", Binemon stood out to us due to the following reasons; Binemon has a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and blockchain - Draken Exchange with almost 0 gas fee, less congestion versus Binance Smartchain (BSC), strategic idle 3D RPG game with multiple rewards, and its token $BIN has reflection (auto-farm) from holding it in your wallet, preferably Metamask.
  • Axie Infinity ( - used to be (based on our opinion) and still is #1 when it comes to market cap and number of players, it popularizes NFT gaming with high earning potential, but its no longer true today. They've done a lot of changes that reduce the earning from the chops team by almost 80%, small love potion (SLP) game's token value is going down every day due to the lack of a burning mechanism feature to combat the supply VS demand. Minimum 800 MMR to earn (almost killed cheap and low-level Axies), nerfed a lot of Axie that was common to majority in the low-mid players, hence the game is declining is big time, and it is just a matter of time that is no longer profitable for investors and/or players on a low budget.



  • Aurory ( - AAA game in Solana, and first RPG in their platform, this game is backed by Animoca Brands, the same investors of Axie and other popular NFT games like Sandbox, this game is 100% free to play with multiple game modes.

Block Monsters
  • Block Monsters ( - IF you're into Pokemon and you would like to relieve the good old days, Block Monsters is a classic game that you should add to your bucket list.

Monsta Infinite
  • Monsta Infinite - ( - Monsta was born from the shortcomings of Axie, also they're inspired by how Axie turned out to be a profitable game for the masses (during its prime), and with a strong community behind it, we hope this game can deliver and take the crown from Axie, but given the game hasn't started yet, and Axie might come back with a better version of its current self, only time will tell, but so far this is game to look at if you're looking for Axie alternative.

This rounds up our top 5 NFT games for 2021 profit-wise. We hope that the other NFT games can catch up and have a decent rewards when it comes to play-to-earn and for gamers to live the dream of earning while playing.

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