Is Binemon play-to-earn? Is it worth to invest in Binemon today?

Binemon recently revamped its reward system, and it has never been better, the new rewards allow any players to earn, it won't matter if you've invested $100 or $1m+ in the game, the rewards are adjusted to cater to all types of players, this is true to their words that no players will be left behind (VS *cough* Axie).

The new system gets rid of the ladder game wherein only the top 1000 are heavily rewarded, and low investors can bearly earn a dollar, but instead, if you reach a specific title (Wood > Bronze > Silver > Gold > Platinum > Sapphire > Ruby > Emerald) after the end of the season (which is weekly), the number of players at the same title will share the reward pool, e.g. if the reward for Gold title is $BIN 2,000,000 and there are 110 players who reached Gold at the end of the season, they'll split the reward and each player will have a $BIN 18,182, and with the current conversion of $BIN to USD as of this writing (BIN = $0.02127), that's USD 386, or PHP 19,300 in pesos, if you can maintain the same position for a month, that's almost USD 1,544 or PHP 77,000 per month, on my case, it is almost 44% of what I invested (based on the value of Mons) which is not bad and this is just a start, here's a quick summary of the play-to-earn mechanism of Binemon;
  • Weekly PVP Season Rewards

Binemon PVP Season 4 Rewards
  • Auto-staking by holding $BIN in your Metamask wallet (
  • PVE Rewards and NFT Staking (under restructure)
  • Squid Game (a mini-game) this December
  • Trade on Marketplace (
  • Cross-NFT platform with BattleMon soon and other exciting project under Binemon using the same coin/token starting with ShibaMons!

The game has been running since August, and we're excited to see the new PVE gameplay this December, and once they stabilize the game and economy itself, we can't wait to see how Binemon will grow in the future and make sure everybody wins, definitely, a game worth playing and investing as this game will continue to evolve and most likely will be in top 10 of NFT Games and play-to-earn this 2022.

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