How to earn in ArmzLegends? Armz you ready?

ArmzLegends is a new play-to-earn NFT game with a simple gameplay, for every Armz (NFT), you can fight several times based on the rarity of the Armz, e.g., for Common you can attack twice every 24 hours, and for Rare, you can fight 3x every 24 hours. Please note that this is a game of chance, hence its not for the weak of heart, as what it says from their tagline "Only for the strongest"! 😂

We tested the game with a rare Armz and we're currently earning around $5 per easy round (the game has 3 levels as of this writing), the success rate is a little bit low for us, as our ratio is like 1:3, but if you can win twice per day, you might earn $10 per day.

We will keep monitoring this game before we can create a suitable guide if this game can deliver. If you wanna test this out, we suggest reviewing its whitepaper first, you may review it from this link;

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