CryptoGodz; is it a fad or will it deliver? A Cryptomines in an Ancient/Dota Theme

Elan Vital from the Fountain of the Gods

CryptoGodz is a new NFT Game that follows the same footstep and hopefully the same success or better as Cryptomines (CM). We recently covered Cryptomines and their potential earning, if you missed it you may visit this link;

To sum it up, CryptoGodz is a Dota inspired theme but has almost the same mechanics from Cryptomines, if you recently reviewed and/or you played Cryptomines, this is how CrytoGodz followed its footstep;

  • Legion = Workers in CM
  • Legion Badge = Spaceship in CM
  • Elan Vital = Contract

It also runs in an Oracle System, though it has its niche like Godz Token Staking, and Treasure Chests, for specifics, you may refer to its whitepaper from this link;

The token market cap is also bigger than CM and we hope it can deliver once the game officially starts :) 

Can this game deliver? It's always a good time to invest early on before the game starts and it looks like it can deliver if it is following a proven system from CM but with its own added niche, but again Doing your own research is greatly recommended and this is not financial advice.

We will keep monitoring the progress of CryptoGodz and we're hoping for the best!

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