#Binemon Season 4; a quick guide in Binemon's Season 4 Rewards

Binemon ended its Season 3 yesterday with great success over the last two (2) seasons. The new reward system made it possible for everyone to earn regardless of rank and title, and by far everybody wins! Also, the new system allows everyone to earn DRK by holding $BIN in Metamask via auto-staking.

How to Stake your $BIN for rewards? Just hold $BIN in your wallet (not CEX/Contract wallet), It’s auto-staking! How to Withdraw: 1️⃣ Create an account at app.binemon.io & connect to your $BIN wallet (web 3: Trust, C98, Metamask,…) 2️⃣ $DRK reward will automatically accumulate every Monday | Claim anytime | Sell on MEXC exchange

As for Season 4, it is following the same footstep from Season 3 and we hope that this will encourage old players to go back in-game and attract new players as well. Players and investors should also take note that this reward system is currently weekly VS monthly, and this covers PVP only, we can't wait if what's in store for us once PVE is released.


If you missed Season 3, how does the new PVP Reward system works? For example; after the end of the season (every Monday at 8 AM GMT+8) and you're at Silver title, and let's say there are 1,130 players sharing the same title with you, you're going to earn 70 AMB* or 1,750 $BIN ($45.46 USD -- rate as of this writing). This is a very good system as it allows competitive players to get a better slice of the cake by moving up, and still rewards everyone that participated in PVP regardless of their achievement.

*How is it being calculated? (70 AMB)
80,000 AMB / 1,130 Players = 70 AMB / Player

NOTE: 1 AMB = 25 $BIN, you can claim a maximum of 50 AMB per transaction with a 25 $BIN transaction fee, and a total of 250 AMB per day, hence it's always best to claim at 50 to save from transaction fees.

What do you think of the new reward system and are you also looking forward to PVE rewards? Feel free to comment below! And if you're also a #BINarmy like us, as always we're hoping for the best and for Binemon to reach new heights in the following months.

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