#Binemon is a gem in NFT that's about to grow 4066%!

Our recent NFT from Binemon, a Gundam Doge! 💗

As of this writing (9:08 PM 11/19/2021), $BIN is currently at $0.024, and based on its growth potential the likelihood for it to reach the $1B market cap is high, going at $1B market cap will bring the token's value to $1++ and from $0.024 to $1 is 4066% growth rate!

There's still a lot of things to do #BINarmy, but we're slowly getting there week after week.

What's our reasoning for these? The game's development and its overall value. Currently, based on CoinMarketCap, Binemon is at rank #899 and if we will compare this with Cryptomines or CM, the fastest-growing play-to-earn game based on dollar value, CM is currently at rank #2745 but with a staggering value of $414. However, we can't compare oranges and apples are the same as they run on different systems and gameplay, but if you're going to look deeper on Binemon's worth, it is underrated and can easily 1000x once players and investors alike can see its real value.

Also not to mention the following; Thanks to @MeMetaverse and @BinArmyPH for the inputs!

✅ NFT play-to-earn game with constant tweaks and updates from the developer to ensure fair and competitive gaming across everyone 
✅ Popular Meme characters NFT on the internet: Pepe, Shiba, Goku, Marvel Characters, Anime like our new Gundam Dog :) and more! The value of NFT increases over time!
✅ Metaverse features Chat together, Squid Game (mini-game), and more!
✅ NFT marketplace with super to almost zero-fees, and runs in the most robust blockchain platform - DRK Chain
✅ Strong and active community - #BinArmy
✅ Super low market cap (at the moment)
✅ Huge liquidity for all players
✅ Auto-staking reward by holding $BIN

Binemon's Squid Game! (mini-game)

We're looking forward to Binemon growing further and if you're new to NFT gaming and wants to be part of an awesome journey feel free to join us today at https://binemon.io/ its best to get in now before $BIN hits a new milestone, but again at the end of the day, there's no such thing as late in the crypto market, as long as the demand is there, the development will continue to progress :)

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