$BIN a game-changer in meme coin + GameFI combined = Binemon

Binemon Assemble!

Binemon recently restructured its reward system, and so far they created an exciting future for the game and its metaverse! The new system allows everyone to earn DRK by holding $BIN in an auto-farming system, and you can harvest the rewards every Monday. Also, the new gameplay empowers everyone to participate in PVP, as it rewards everyone at all levels, this is a very strong move from the developer as they've been conservative for the last two seasons. These mechanics truly cement $BIN as a Meme Coin + GameFi = Binemon.

The new gameplay in PVP is distributed across all titles from Wood > Bronze > Silver > Gold > Platinum > Sapphire > Ruby > Emerald, with a bigger % from Silver going to Emerald. This allows everyone to play competitively and enjoy the game, although we missed the Rank Rewards, this weekly title reward is a very good system that allows everyone to earn in PVP, and did we say "weekly"? Yes, it's a weekly reward!

HODLing $BIN with auto-farming gave birth to #BINarmy; dedicated to empowering $BIN and this is just the beginning of strong support from $BIN and the overall development of Binemon. 

We hope that the Binemon team can find a way to integrate and reward the top 1000 players, but nonetheless, this is a good start and we're looking forward to more features and progress in-game; from PVE, Squid Game, BattleMons (cross-play), and more! We believe it is just a matter of time for Binemon to really step up and dominate the market in GameFi and Metaverse.

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