Is Bomb Crypto a scam? A quick review and how to earn in Bomb Crypto

Nowadays due to the popularity of non-fungible token (NFT) and play-to-earn (P2E) games (popularize by Axie Infinity), a lot of people started to invest in NFT, hoping to earn and get a passive income, but sadly these are being exploited by a lot of scammers, scammers are getting advance when it comes to tech and exploiting a lot of people trying to earn from this business model. A popular scam is what we call "rug pull", wherein as defined in coinmarketcap "A rug pull is a malicious maneuver in the cryptocurrency industry where crypto developers abandon a project and run away with investors' funds." 

Despite the ups and downs in crypto, we still believe that with proper research in the Company you're investing in, we should be able to generate a long term passive income, hence doing your own research (DYOR) is really important to succeed and avoid disappointment (by investing your life-savings). Here at Binemon Network, one of our goals is to generate passive income in NFT gaming and by sharing how to go about it, but again like anyone else, we're also hoping that the game we're investing in are legit and hopefully it will stay long term, and today we're looking into the new craze Bomb Crypto.

What's a Bomb

Bomb Crypto is a new NFT retro game focusing on a play to earn model it started last September and it easily made it to the top 5 due to lots of players sharing how fast it can earn and with a higher exchange rate of its token with an average of $2 per Bomb Coin (BCOIN) as of this writing. $1 per BCOIN as of today.

Why the sudden drop of their BCOIN? The game recently experience lots of server issues and this is usually expected to new online games, but due to lots of impatient investors selling their BCOINS and with lack of support, their coin dropped by almost 50%, but we're hoping it will recover as the server achieve stability. We thought that the game might be a rug pull when it first suffered a major server issues (can't blame us, as we have a couple of bad experience from other NFT games), but so far they bounce back and are very transparent with their issues, they also returned invalid transactions, etc., also continuously doing Ask Me Anything (AMA) to answer common questions in the community. Bomb crypto is from a developer called SENSPARK, and they've been developing lots of retro mobile games since 2011, you may refer for the details from their page;

As of today, the server is a bit stable, and we're hoping this can be played via mobile in the future for more flexibility, as playing in the browser mode keeps disconnecting (hope they fix it), but it is working okay. Game-wise it is a Bomberman game with a retro feel, the game is very straightforward as of this moment, your heroes can hunt treasures for you and in this case BCOIN, and the moment they run out of energy, they'll go to sleep and you have to wait until their energy is up and let them work to slave again. If you're interested to learn more about the game, you may refer to their FAQ;

Is Bomb Crypto a scam? As of today, definitely not, with ongoing support and development from their team, Bomb Crypto is a game you should look at and hopefully will succeed in the future. if you're willing to invest, it's best to start with ten (10) for a faster return of investment, good luck! Just like any NFT game, again DYOR and this is not financial advice.

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