The exciting world of NFT Games! Play to earn!

Play-to-earn is a model for games where players can bring in genuine cash or different compensations by playing. Players of Axie Infinity, Binemon, and other NFT games have been acquiring nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and selling/trading these for real money. This is a dream come true for millennials and baby boomers who used to play hardcore games in the past but were barely compensated, imagine playing a competitive game and earning more than what we used to earn in traditional jobs (this is true to 3rd world countries).

If you're new to NFT and cryptocurrency, it's best to do your research first before playing and/or investing, nowadays, scammers are getting better at creating fake platforms, followers, reviews, etc. hence you just can't trust someone unless you have a full understanding of what you're doing, don't follow hype in social media, always do your own research (DYOR).

There are lots of success stories when it comes to NFT gaming, however, you can't expect to invest as little as $100 and expect to get a new house and lot or Lamborghini after a month. You also have to consider the following; economy in-game, how many players and investors are in the game, and more! There are lots of factors to consider and one of these is for us to be patient, most people are impatient but this is normal-- given we put in a lot of money or sometimes our hard savings, but we have to always remember to learn from our history and Axie Infinity was not an overnight success, it took years before it was profitable. We also have to be realistic when it comes to our gains. 

We created this blog to help people get into the NFT world, starting with Binemon. We believe they have a very dynamic platform that can compete and even overtake the success of Axie in the future! (It is also getting expensive to join Axie lol), thus to help everyone get into speed with NFT gamings, we created quick bullet points for success and hopefully, this will help either in creating a passive income or earn better while having fun.
  • Always DYOR (Do Your Own Research) as explained multiple times, don't just ask randomly in social media or chat groups.
  • Invest what you can afford to lose only.
  • Since this game/s involves your digital wallet like Metamask, don't randomly link your wallet to any website with no proper research about the site, always DYOR, also no Game Master/Admin will direct message (DM) you directly, anyone asking for your passphrase, passcode, or seed is 100% scammers.
  • Any true to good offer like sending stupid coins and get more are 100% scam.
  • Participating in AirDrops should not disclose your passphrase, passcode, or seed.
  • NFT gaming runs in blockchain, any scams, etc. you won't be able to get them back, this is not like Ragnarok Online, World of Warcraft, etc., and the Game Master can return hacked or stolen items.
  • Security is very important, don't log in to any public computer with your digital wallet exposed
  • Only download the official app from the official site.
  • It's not too late to join in any NFT Games like Axie or Binemon, if you have the budget and money, go for it! It will be more expensive in the future! (unless the game is already running with stable economy).
  • NFT Gaming has just started, there's a bright future for NFT itself and lots will follow suit.
  • To have a better economy in-game don't discourage people not to invest because it was more expensive than how it started, it will be more expensive if you don't invest now as there's no going back and most of the time, NFT games are playing supply and demand, the more you are skeptical to join, the more its too late.
  • Always encourage new players, this will keep the economy alive! *EDIT thanks to @AirdropCentauri

We wish you the best and fun in NFT Gaming, hopefully, you can join us in the world of Binemon, look for us in Telegram (TG) @binemonphilippines and follow us on Twitter @BinemonNetwork.

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