Axie Infinity VS Binemon play-to-earn analysis

Every time there's a new NFT game in the market, lots are comparing it to Axie, and most of the time it doesn't make sense as some NFT games have a different model, gameplay, and technology. Also considering its new VS a game that's already tried and tested (and in this case, a game that just started last August 2021 (Binemon) VS 2018 (Axie), almost 4 years difference), yet as long as it's a play to earn that involves NFT, people will always compare it to Axie. I understand that lots can't help it, but everyone needs to manage their expectation, you can't compare Walmart to a small convenience store in your neighborhood, or in the Philippines, you can't compare SM to a small sari2x store. First, before people start to hate and convert to a legendary keyboard warrior, we love Axie Infinity, and we play it ourselves, we won't be able to discover other great NFT games if we didn't play Axie, yet we believe other NFT games like Binemon has potential, and in Binemon's case, it created a solution to the ongoing problems in playing Axie (oversupply of SLP) and more. We believe long-term that Binemon can generate a better revenue model VS Axie.

Why Binemon is better? Binedex ( is superior to Ronin Explorer; Binedex is fast and has the cheapest gas fee or transaction fees VS Ronin using Ethereum with crazy gas fees. The cheaper gas fee helps save costs for player's activities and transactions on NFT Marketplace, and more. Also, it took time for Sky Mavis, the developer of Axie to launch Ronin, as for coins and tokens; Binemon had lots of burning mechanisms to avoid an oversupply of Mons, DRK, and $BIN, although it won't hurt for Binemon to introduce a breeding system in the future :)

There are lots of reasons why Binemon; started strong than Axie, first SLP just started a year ago, whereas Binemon is already implementing DRK from day 1, if the developers of Binemon are aggressive enough, I'm sure they can overtake Axie when it comes to innovation and progress, though we're hoping for better support from Binemon, this is also lacking in Axie. However, at the end of the day, you can't compare Axie and Binemon, the same thing with Orange and Apple, they're different.

In addition, ironically, those who tend to compare the game hasn't even played Axie, and if they did, they don't own it, which is why sometimes it is already beyond comprehension when people invested as little as $100 and expect they'll get a house and lot after a month, also with this kind of phrases; "when is moon?", "when is lambo?" people should be realistic when it comes to NFT games, and just like any play-to-earn game and any investment, you can't expect a game to replace your 9-5 or 8-5 job, it takes time for the game to create a stable economy and in return reward its players, its economy made by players, to begin with, yet people expect the game developer to give money out of their pockets.

Lastly, if you're an investor and not here to play games, you're better off investing in top 20 cryptocurrency or traditional stocks VS getting stressed out with the coin and/or token performance of the game. Also, it's called an investment, not betting in a  lottery. Investment is an asset with the intention of money to grow, not for money to miraculously multiply overnight, traditional businesses takes a year to generate revenue or ROI, yet here we are, people spending $100 last August, and now expecting to earn triple, if you expect to earn fast money, you should either go buy/sell or trading.

If you're a player, let's always go back to our roots, we should look for a game that we can have fun, and earning on the side is a bonus, I remember spending my hard-earned cash to get a game and all, yet due to the advent of online games, lots are now free (but ads 😂), yet we take this for granted, we always have to remember that buying games are the best way to support the developer to continue in making great games and quench our thirst for adventure.

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